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When you're looking for affordable homes for rent, Preferred Rental Properties is the company to call. Based in Palm Desert, California, we have access to a wide array of long-term and seasonal rental properties from reputable owners looking for the right tenants.

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We offer much more than beautiful homes for rent. Here at Preferred Rental Properties, we also have a friendly, experienced staff, provide ongoing care and maintenance, protective CAR leasing options, and more to make your rental experience nothing short of exceptional.

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We know that no two renters have the exact same needs. That's why we offer both long-term rental properties (furnished and unfurnished) and seasonal rentals (furnished) to suit any need or budget.
Garden at Rental Unit - Property maintenance in Palm Desert, CA

Rental FAQs

Q. How do I pay rent?
A. Tenants can deliver rent through a bank, mail, night deposits, or to our building during office hours. Please avoid cash.
Q. Do tenants ever interact with property owners?
A. No, we are the connection that eases the process for both parties. Tenants are never informed of the identity of the property owners. Owners and tenants avoid direct relationships through our management services. The purpose of this is to allow owners their freedom, and tenants a professional staff that is 100% available and responsive to their needs.
Contact us to learn more about the homes for rent, and we'll help you find the right fit for you.